Thursday, July 17, 2008

day 11 of herniated disc updates

What I have been doing today: reading The Shack and my NYLON magazine, went to the pool with Jeff's bro Scott (he's visiting for 10 days), and watched So You Think You Can Dance with Jenn.
Visitors today: my sister (yesterday: my dad, Donna and Debbie from Evangel, and Mara with her cute dog Leia)
Work status: keeping up on projects for Evangel and Burrell via email.
Research project due in August: Still haven't started
Longest time I was up today walking: 10 minutes.
Number of bottles of Vicodin I have gone through: 3
Date of next Doctor's appointment and (hopefully) an MRI: Monday morning
Showered? yes (thankfully)
Number of times I cried today: 0. (yessss! mental state improved!)
Online purchases: 0. I'm out of money to spend :-(
Number of frozen peas or corn bags I went through to ice my back: 3
Times a cuss word slipped out of my mouth because I was in pain: 0
Times I've called into the living room: "JEFF...": countless

Anyway, sorry to disappoint with not many updates today or pictures. I'll try to do better tomorrow... I should be getting in several packages of my online purchases and hopefully will do some good picture posts with that.

If you stop by, leave a comment. I'd like to know who's checking on me. :-)


Winnie said...

love this post. i just wrote one too. your my incredible broken back sister.

Winnie said...

or bbs for short

Winnie said...

or bbm - for broken back mitchie

Nicole said...

Hi hi! I'm sorry you feel so crummy still. How do you fix something like a herniated disc?

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