Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Megan (late night and I can't sleep quick post)

My friend Megan was talking today about Urban Outfitters and how expensive it is. I thought I'd check out the sales online (since we don't have the store here-- I vote we get one in the new college station!) to see what I thought... I tried to find the stuff I thought was the coolest from U.O. and post them... What do you think?
Lux Wisteria Top: $19.99
Granny Satchel in Stone: $29.99
Ethereal Necklace: $19.99
Swedish Flower Printed Rug: $19.99 (I actually bought this one but had to take it back b/c it was a bit out of place in the room I wanted it for.
Made by Elves Evan Oxford: $39.99 (I WANT!)

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Anonymous said...

That purse is great and I love those shoes!! It was great catching up the other day and I got out of the whole deal with somewhat of a tan :) You are always in my prayers!


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