Sunday, July 27, 2008

frustration (Day 21 of herniated disc post)

So throughout this whole thing I've tried to just be okay with the circumstances and accept that I don't get to do everything I want to do. For the most part I think I've done fairly well.

At the moment though, not so much...

I am so sick of not being able to get anything for myself, feed myself, do anything productive, and do anything I enjoy doing, like tending to the garden or my pretty flowers outside. Grrrr! About 15 minutes ago I attempted to fill up the bird feeder I strategically placed outside my bedroom window and ended up dropping the entire bag of birdseed on the ground, spilling all of its contents at my feet. I immediately started bawling because I can't bend over to clean up a mess like that. I calmed myself down, but not before I asked Jeff through my tears to clean it up and huffed and puffed my way through the pain to cut some flowers to fill my new hanging vases in my living room. These ascetic sort of things I love to have around and they make me so happy, especially now, but I can't do them very well when I am in pain and its so frustrating.

Tuesday's doctor's appointment cannot come soon enough. Oh please Lord, I pray that this pain subsides so I can have my life back.


Winnie said...

arrrgh. boo. i hate this for you

arin said...

i told winnie if you need anything i dont live very far from you. please call if you need me to help with anything at all! (not kidding)

i love picking up spilt bird seed.


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