Monday, July 28, 2008

Plate search

So, I am a clutzy mess which means I drop things occasionally (see below post for a sad example). Most of the plates that my husband and I received as wedding presents have broken because I have dropped them, so I have decided to replace them with a random assortment of plates.

At first I thought I would just want plates that are either red or white with red in it... but then after looking on countless websites I haven't had the best luck. So I have decided to go with a new eclectic theme to fit in with my kitchen ware--- white dinner plates with either red, light green, or tealish-tiffany blue designs on them. I am going to start with the needed plates first, then hopefully start to collect bowls and dessert plates as well. Here are some examples:

Ikea Plates:


Pier1 plate:


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