Monday, October 27, 2008

Camp Michelle

Camping Post

So, above is a link to my sis' website regarding our camping trip this weekend with pics included. Nothing like posting pics of yourself the worst you look ever after sleeping in a tent/sleeping bag without a shower!

No really, it was so good. I got to make a new friend-- Lindsay W. and spend time with some good friends roughing it outdoors. A bit of "CAMP MICHELLE" came out of me. She is an alter ego that enjoys making fires, cooking over a fire, and basically all things fire and camping. She's sorta a take-charge (when am I not that way though, I need to get a hold of myself) kinda gal.

Anyway, other than that have been enjoying the fall weather and "engaging my abbs" as I do anything thanks to my new Pilates class.

Happy Fall everyone!

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Winnie said...

ooo. i just read this post.
I love Camp Michelle. It's my favorite camp ever.

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