Monday, October 20, 2008

this weekend and next weekend...

This past weekend I went to Iowa City with my husband to see the Hawkeyes beat Wisconsin at home. It was a good time. Jeff's two brothers and sister were in town, so that made it extra fun for us. Every time I am there I just itch to get some time at the town's ped-mall (if you've ever been to Boulder, CO., they have one too...) and go shop in some of their unique stores. I got to for a few minutes Sunday morning, but not enough to really truly get satisfied. We're going back over Thanksgiving so I will for sure be hitting up AKAR, White Rabbit, and Revival.
Ps. I took in some jeans that I recently bought and don't fit (le sigh) and exchanged them for some way cool Biviel shoes at Revival. They are awesome (and were really cheap compared to the original price of the suckers).

In other news, this weekend I am going CAMPING with my girlfriends. I cannot wait!

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