Friday, October 10, 2008

smile like you mean it

I love the coffee ethic. I really really really love it. I can come downtown to hang out by myself on a Friday night to do homework and still feel cool while I am here. The title of this post is only because it is the song I am listening to at the moment while I am sitting here (procrastinating doing more homework).
So, there really hasn't been much to report lately. I started back to work this week and have been BUSY again. I now remember why I was so miserable before I hurt my back-- I live a busy life! Geeze.
OKay now they are playing my favorite Radiohead song-- can it get any better?!?
While I have been here I got to run into two people I only sort of know that I wish I knew better-- Trevor and Abby. They use to live next to a friend of mine and then moved away. Now they have a new little baby and I'm sure don't have time to hang out, but they seem like people Jeff and I should be friends with and Jeff and I need friends. At some point tonight Jeff looked at me and said "Oh Mitchy, what are we going to do about getting friends?" All of his have moved away (except Mr. Jenkins who is infinitely busy). Know of anyone we can be friends with?
I am sitting next to my bestest friend Miss Winnie, btw. I love her. She is dating someone now. Super excited.
What else?


Nicole said...

Um, hello. I would LOVE to hang out!

Jason said...

The Coffee Ethic rocks! I always say it's my office away from my home office. The atmosphere is great and the staff is so friendly and wonderful.

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