Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When it starts getting cold outside I generally go through a few weeks of sadness and moodiness due to the sun going away so early and missing my vitamin D time outside doing fun things. There are, though, two things I get excited about:

1) The clothes. I really like to layer and wear boots, so colder weather suits me (plus I hate how I look in shorts).
2) Movies! I love Oscar season when all the good movies start coming out that actually mean something. So far I have seen Changeling and Rachel Getting Married, neither were amazing or anything-- but I can't wait to see (and I'm almost embarrassed to say the first one, but what can I say, I work with Middle Schoolers all day) Twilight, MILK, Benjamin Button, and Man on Wire at the Moxie. Speaking of new theaters, the new Hollywood Theater downtown is pretty sweet. Its nice to have it in the area of where I spend all of my free time anyway. More exciting though is the new Moxie opening up in the Wilhoit Plaza. After some SKINGO action tonight, Jeff and I stopped by the new building to talk to Dan and check out how the progress is going with the theater. Of course, I have a soft spot for the Moxie because Jeff and I got ENGAGED there, (if you don't know the story you should-- Jeff is great at creating inventive ways to do things) but I just love the types of films that they show.
Oh, and one last point about movies, I know its MONTHS away, but I can't wait to go to the True False Film Festival in Columbia in March! Since Jeff and I started going two years ago we are addicted! Its amaaaazing.

So, on to deeper things, specifically (and hopefully) deep sleep. Enjoy your week, and go see some movies!

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