Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I care...

So, I love watching the Oscars. I haven't always loved it, but the last few years I've made it a mission to try and see most of the Oscar-buzz films before the big night so I can root for my faves.
Also I love the pretty dresses.
There are many many MANY websites you can go to today to check out who thought what of what outfits, so who cares what I think, but here are my pics for best dressed and worst anyway:

BEST: Anne Hathaway. She's flawless in my book. Fun, quirky, young, and put-together.
Worst: Jessica Biel. I mean, Sophia Loren and Nichole Kidman rank right up there, not to mention Goldie Hawn looking like an aged hooker... But Jessica could have pulled off something chic or cool or beautiful or SOMETHING other than looking like she wore a sheet.
My personal fave: Natalie Portman. She has gutts to be able to carry that color, but man she looked good.

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