Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Alone

So I've been all by my lonesome these past two nights. Jeff is out of town in Iowa, and my sister has been visiting old friends in Charlotte, NC with her bf. So I thought I would be super bored and lonely all weekend, but such is not the case. I've had a great time chillin' with friends and with my doggies...

Wanna hear about it?
Yesterday when my dog Sammie came in from being outside in the morning his forehead was covered in bird-poo. That was a nice wake up... so he promptly got a bath. Then, I ate at the wonderful Tea Bar and Bites with some friends, cleaned the house, worked out, did laundry, and went over to my friend's house- Kesha- to bake some delicious cupcakes Martha Stewart Style (click the link for the recipe). We delivered some to various friends last night, but I ended up with all the leftovers. I have about 15 at my house right now and I'm lucky I've only gobbled down two.

Today I woke up late and took my doggies on a four-mile walk down the Ozarks Greenways Trail. It was cold out, but very nice and sunny. Now I am drinking a chai latte and procrastinating writing an essay for a midterm due Tuesday.

Anyway, its been a good weekend. Next weekend though-- oh man-- its VACATION TIME! I cannot wait people! True false Film Fest and then off to Washington DC to see some great historical stuff AND visit the Swinks. I may not be able to make it through the week!

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