Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Green, Thick, Grass

So it seems as though I am the mowing "B@#%!" this summer. I got the brilliant idea in early May to "fertilize" the lawn (before learning its BAD for the environment, for real) which ended up turning our lawn into a constant headache for the rest of the summer. Mind you, its gorgeous (and weed-filled, but oh-well), but we have to mow it every week, like clockwork. And the grass clippings! I could go on for a long time about that chore.

Do many of the readers know that I am into "gardening" except we don't really have a garden, yet? I really really really like flowers. a lot. I like plants and flowers and anything I can watch grow. I get really stressed out when a plant isn't doing well. So recently I have been working on this flower bed in the front of the house (should I keep going, or are you bored now?) and its looking a lot better these days. Lots of yellow and pink and purple. sigh.

In other news I have officially put up the posters downtown. I'm not sure that posters actually do anything, but it was sorta neat to do it. More than anything the word for the "show" (Titled: A Little Bazaar") has been spread mostly through facebook, god love it. I've been suprised by how many people say they're gonna stop by and check out the merch.

I have priced approx. 17 items for the show. Of course I don't think I'll get a smidge close to selling that much, but I read in Adorn Magazine that you should bring everything to see what sells the best. And yes, I am taking everything from the ETSY store off for just that afternoon/evening, then putting the remainder of what doesn't sell back on the site.

Well, sorry no pictures today folks. I have new items I made but haven't had daylight time (thanks to the DARN GRASS!) to take pics of them.

have a great day!


Winnie said...

well the grass is always greener on the other side...

hum i don't know if that fits i just wanted to say it. hey i went etsy shopping tonight. :) call me.

Mary Helen said...

There are ways to fertilize that aren't bad for the environment. And also to get rid of weeds in your lawn. But you would still have to mow all the time. I make Mr. Mary Helen do it. =)

Winnie said...

i bought my fun! thanks!

Anonymous said...


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Koller said...

i bought my fun! thanks!

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